After an athlete is diagnosed with a concussion s/he must undergo the following 5-step return to play protocol before competing, per school policy. During this time, the athlete should not be participating in physical activity not included in the progression.
The athlete’s return to play progression will be supervised by a certified HMH Athletic Trainer. The athlete will have a yellow “Medical Clearance for Return to Sports Participation” that will be filled out by the Athletic Trainer and eventually signed by a physician for clearance for full contact sports participation.
Step 1 Pass a post-injury ImPACT test
Step 2 Pass an exertion test and post-exertion ImPACT test
Step 3 Complete sport-specific exercise with no return of symptoms (running drills, NO head impact activities
Step 4 Complete non-contact training drills with no return of symptoms (still non-contact)
*prior to Step 5, the athlete must receive full medical clearance from a physician (not a nurse of nurse practitioner) for participation in full contact participation*
Step 5 Complete full contact practice with functional skills assessed by coaching assessed and approved by coaching staff with no return of symptoms.

*Each step of the return to play process is separated by 24 hours
*If the athlete does not pass Step 1 or Step 2, s/he must wait 48 hours to retake. The ImPACT test should not be taken more than twice in one week.
**If you have questions regarding this process, please contact the HMH Athletic Trainer (270) 737-PLAY