French fashion designer Coco Chanel once said, “keep your heels, head and standards high.”  Such is the case for sophomore cross country and track athlete Chase Hines.

The quiet, unassuming, and focused Hines has proven himself as one of the young stars on the rise for both the cross country and track programs.

Hines admits, “On the course and track I would say I am a dedicated and hardworking athlete.  I take great pride in my work always trying to push myself to accomplish more.  A majority of my life off the course or track is based around the lifestyle of a distance athlete, from the choices of what to eat, how much sleep to get, recovery, and making it a priority to always get the training done.”

Hines, like several track and cross-country athletes, were noticed in PE class.  “It was a sixth grade P.E. class,” Hines says.  “We were running an 800m (half-mile) and Coach Phelps (Head Boys Cross Country Coach) went out to watch us (he was my teacher at the time).  After the half-mile with a time of 3:05 he told me that I should do cross country the next season (my seventh-grade year). I decided to try it as a way to get in shape for basketball, which I would later stop playing in order to focus on track and cross country.”

From that moment Hines was “hooked,” and Phelps would take it from there.  “I had the opportunity to teach Chase in the classroom as a sixth grader.  The next year he joined the cross-country team as a 7th grader.   He is very disciplined on and off the course.  He holds himself to a high standard.  He has a passion for success. Chase does not like to fall short of his own personal goals.  This holds true in the classroom and on the course.”

The same holds true with Head Boys Coach Sonny Judd in the sport of track.  “Chase not only trains extremely hard, but he trains with a purpose. For example, Chase along with a handful of his teammates qualified for last year’s State Track Meet. The week of the event we decided to have practices in the morning. The school year had ended the week prior so since there was no school and considering the summer heat, it seemed like a good idea.

Judd continues, “Chase called me before the first practice and asked if it was okay if he ran on his own. I assumed at first it was a rhetorical question considering none of the other guys, nor myself were capable of putting in the amount of road work he was about to endure. Though several guys had qualified for the meet, Chase was the only one doing long distance, the rest of the guys were field athletes or sprinters. But it wasn’t because he wanted to be alone. It was because of the temperature outside. He wanted to train at a temperature that was either close to or warmer than what the temperature would be during his scheduled race. I agreed and when I hung up the phone and told the other guys that Chase wasn’t going to be there and why. They weren’t surprised, they just all stood there until one of his teammates said “that kid’s a beast” as they began their own ‘cooler’ workout.”

Hines has proven that hard works pays off.  “I haven’t always been that good at running. I started to really get focused the summer after 8th grade where at middle school state I missed getting a medal in the 800m by .25 seconds  (¼ seconds). I realized then that I wanted to win more and be faster. From there I’ve put countless hours and hundreds if not thousands of miles in. As time goes on I find myself falling in love with the sport more and more. And the closer you get to something the more you find yourself being more dedicated to it. From my first middle school conference championship in 7th grade to Placing 8th on the mile at 2A state as a freshman in track I have found that being consistent and dedicated is the key to getting better.”

Phelps wants Hines to continue to improve.  “We want Chase to be mid 17:00’s this year.  As a Sophomore, that would be great. We are hoping for a top 10 finish at the region and a top 40 finish at state.”

Look for Hines to keep his heels moving, his head and standards high as he continues to be successful at LCHS.