BASEBALL NOAH DAVIS Noah is an 18th District Tournament, 5th Regional Tournament, and an All Area selection from a year ago.  He is our team leader and our number 1 pitcher.  Noah leads us on and off the field and he is a very athletic player with exceptional baseball skills.  He has a 3.9 GPA in the classroom and is involved in many community service activities.   Noah will be attending the University of the Cumberlands in the fall of 2019 on a baseball scholarship and he is very deserving of this opportunity.
BASS FISHING CONNOR BAKER This year’s bass fishing select preps nominee is Connor Baker.  Connor is a great kid and an equally great student.  He has maintained a 4.0 grade point average this year, while at the same time competing in three sports:  football, basketball, and bass fishing.  Connor is well-mannered, polite, friendly, and extremely respectful of his teachers and coaches.  He is the kind of student and athlete that makes programs and schools great.  Connor has the drive and natural ability to succeed at anything he does, and has a very bright and promising future ahead of him.
BASKETBALL (BOYS) ANTHONY ADKINS Anthony Adkins epitomizes the title Student-Athlete.  He is probably one of the most complete players that I have coached in 26 years.  I have watched Anthony’s maturation over the past 6 years and could not be prouder of a young man.

I knew when I first saw Anthony play in middle school that he was going to be special.  His energy and passion accompanied with his overall talent has been a great combination.  He has played Varsity since he was a Freshmen and has been instrumental in our program’s success for the past four years.  He has been named All-District and All-Region in boys’ basketball, but is a more prominent football player.  Anthony will attend college to play football, but could easily play basketball at the next level as well. He is a 4.0 student and has excelled academically at LaRue County and has been involved in numerous extracurricular activities and organizations.   Anthony always has that million dollar smile on his face and is such a great ambassador for LaRue County High School.  The sky is the limit for Anthony and I can’t be more excited for him.  We truly will miss him at LaRue County High School when he graduates.

BASKETBALL (GIRLS) KRISTEN BOONE In the three years I have been the head coach for the Lady Hawks basketball program, I have discovered that being a Hawk holds a level of pride and prestige unmatched at other schools.  There is a great amount of history and ownership from our community and the supporters in our Hawk Nation and we all hold our athletes to a higher standard in regards to academics, community involvement and athletic performance.  With all of that in mind, it is my honor to nominate Kristen Boone as the representative for our basketball program.

Academically, Kristen has taken the challenge of successfully completing several Honors level courses along with multiple Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses (Honors English 1, Honors Geometry, Honors Integrated Science, Honors Introduction to Social Studies, Honors English 2, Honors Chemistry, Honors Algebra 2, Honors World Civilization, MAT 150 Introduction to College Algebra, AP Literature, Honors Biology, DC Chemistry, DC Psychology, DC English, DC Public Speaking, DC Anatomy, and AP Calculus).  Considering the rigorous expectations of the academic program at LaRue County High School, she is to be commended for her performance.  Currently, she ranks 2nd of the 177 students of the graduating class of 2019.

Outside the classroom, Kristen is active in several organizations.  She is a member of the National Honor Society and National Beta Club, both of which require a great deal of leadership from a student.  She has volunteered her time working with the Holy Cross Food Bank, Hodgenville Elementary, Culver Town Ballpark and tutoring elementary students.  She also serves in the Varsity Club, Senior Class Committee, and Pep Club along with being a member of this year’s Senior Hall of Fame.

One would think all of these duties would allow her very little time for extracurricular activities.  However, she has earned multiple letters in Basketball and Softball.  As a senior on our basketball team, I can personally attest to her work ethic and ability to lead her teammates.  She has organized team activities and lead by example throughout the summer months and into our season.  She is generally the last player to leave the practice floor and she has encouraged teammates to stay for that time with her.

With all of this in mind, it is my honor to nominate Kristen Boone for the Select Preps Basketball Award.  She is a role model for our young student athletes and she is the epitome of what it means to be a LaRue County Hawk.

CHEER HALEIGH JURCAK The 2019 Select Prep nominee for LCHS Varsity Cheerleading squad is Haleigh Jurcak. Haleigh is a junior at LCHS and is a three-year varsity cheerleader for the LaRue County High School Hawks. Haleigh has proven to be a major leader on and off the mat. Her dedication to the sport and her studies have worked together to form Haleigh into responsible individual. Haleigh has devoted several hours of community services including, Feeding America and working with Cattlemen’s for Lincoln Days. These are just a few examples of Haleigh’s dedication to her community and family. Haleigh has come a long way in cheerleading. As an athlete, “competing” doesn’t come easy when there are various athletes fighting for the same position. Haleigh has worked extremely hard over the years to compete with the varsity squad and be one of the 12 girls on the mat. For someone who plays various sports, this goes to show that Haleigh fights for what she wants and overcomes the “hardships” that come with it all. She has proven to herself, her coaches, and her teammates that she loves this sport and just wants the best for the program. Overall, we feel that Haleigh has given back and devoted her time to her community, her family, and her sport and is more than deserving to receive the 2018 News Enterprise Select Prep award in cheerleading.
FOOTBALL DAILLISS COX Dailliss is one of the most coachable and selfless young men I’ve ever had the privilege of being around in all of my years.  He became a terror over the last two years on the defensive side of the ball- earning NE 1st Team All Area accolades as well as the 2017 DL of the Year.

He currently holds an offer from Murray State in football and expected to have other Division 1 offers soon to follow.  He became the type of player that we used everywhere on the field this season- playing OLB, DE, TE, QB and even Safety.

He’s a star on the Hawks basketball team as well and to top it all off, he has a high A/B GPA to go along with a 24 ACT.

He’s a first-class young man in every facet with his best years both on the field and classroom ahead of him.

GOLF CHASE CHILDRESS Chase Childress is the definition of a student athlete. As the child of two teachers (one of whom is a coach with 20+ years of experience), Chase embodies the best parts of both student and athlete. He is a consistent presence on the school honor roll and is positively influential for members of the golf team. He works extremely hard, and that extra effort transpired into a 4th place finish at this year’s 5th Region Golf Tournament. He’s meticulous and grinds until the very end of every round. Most importantly, he’s an outstanding role model for younger students in our program.
SOCCER (BOYS) QUENTIN SWEENEY The 2018 nominee for Select Preps for the LCHS Hawks Soccer team is Senior Quentin Sweeney.  Quentin was a key defensive player for the team this season.  He has a positive attitude and very respectable to both players, coaches and officials.  He works at Lee’s Fried Chicken and has volunteered for Trash for Cash and the New Haven Food Drive.
SOCCER (GIRLS) ALLISON BAUER The 2018 nominee for Select Preps for the LaRue County Lady Hawks Soccer team is Allison Bauer.  Allison is a senior at LCHS and has proven to be a major leader on and off the field. She has been a Lady Hawk for 6 years.    Her understanding of the sport as a whole plays out at practice and on the soccer pitch.  She shows great leadership within the community and with school activities. She was voted Varsity captain by her teammates. She is involved in BETA, Class committee, Kentucky Youth Assembly and she is a member of the National Honor Society. She volunteers at Feeding American and the food pantry at the First Methodist Church. She has taken many honor classes and is now attending EC3 for her senior year.  Allison is self-driven and a hardworking team player who is willing to push herself to higher levels to better herself and her team.
SOFTBALL KELLEE CUNDIFF Kellee is an outstanding leader for the Lady Hawks softball program. She has been very resilient in keeping that never give up attitude. She bounced back from surgeries on both knees in the 2017 season through hours of therapy and hard work. Keeping her grades to honor roll level and putting in hours of therapy, as well as making every game and practice although she wasn’t able to play really showed who she is as a person and competitor. She is a good student, giving great effort in the classroom and is an all-around class act. She is a great teammate, always willing to give a helping hand or a pat on the back. She serves as a great role model for her younger siblings and the young people she works with in foster care or on the softball field. We are very proud to have Kellee as a key member of our softball program. She will be greatly missed here when she graduates, she is a wonderful young person, she’s been a blessing to coach and be around.
TENNIS (BOYS) RYLEE GREENWELL Rylee Greenwell – Rylee has been with the tennis team since his middle school days. Rylee has grown so much as a player and individual over the past six years. Rylee spent the first couple of years playing exhibition matches, but has been on the varsity team since his freshman year playing doubles each season. After a couple of seasons that didn’t turn out the way he wanted, he decided to put in a little extra work during the off season to get in better shape. This in turn would help his game. He’s a different player this year! He focused and ready to take on any opponent.  I could tell he was a different player this year when he was almost in tears after pulling a muscle during conditioning.  Rylee has really stepped up as a leader this year as well.  It’s been fun watching Rylee.
TENNIS (GIRLS) KIRSTEN HARPER Kirsten Harper – Kirsten joined the tennis team just last year, but being a natural athlete and a hard worker, she’s quickly worked her way up to playing #2 singles. Kirsten instantly fell in love with the game. She’s at practice early and often times stays after to hit with whoever is around.  She’s a good listener and wants to hear what she needs to do to get better. As a junior, Kirsten is already a leader on the team. She’s very encouraging and willing to help out in whatever way needed.  Kirsten is also an exceptional student! She has a full load of Honors and AP classes. With her work ethic, Kirsten is able to balance her academics and athletics very well.  She is such a joy to be around. Kirsten is a delight to coach as well. We’ve really enjoyed having Kirsten on the team and are thankful we’ll have her one more year!
TRACK (BOYS) CHASE BAKER Chase Baker is an example of what every coach desire in an athlete.

Coachable: he listens to feedback whether it is positive or negative and uses it to improve. Chase has continued to improve as a track member and shot putter, not because of my coaching but because of his willingness to learn. He is always searching for more knowledge or looking for ways to improve his technique. His desire to get better is the reason of his athletic success.

Team leader: he has earned the respect of his peers through his actions, combined with his ability to communicate makes him a natural leader. While on the football field Chase is the Center, and in football, all things start there. On the track, he is also a Center, no long snapping the ball but leading his teammates all the same.

Consistent: always on time, always ready to perform. Nothing is more important to a coach than accountability. In all my years of coaching Chase, on the football field or the track, I cannot remember a time when I questioned his commitment.

Student-athlete: always ranked near the top of his class academically. Chase has been part of Region Championships teams and state title runs. He has received several athletic achievement awards, including an athletic scholarship to play football. His greatest accomplishments however may come in the classroom, where he has received multiple academic awards. Chase Baker is exactly what teachers look for in a student.

It has been a pleasure to coach Chase over the last few years, and I look forward to watching him continue to succeed in the future.

TRACK (GIRLS) CLAIR KELLER Clair Keller- senior multi-sport athlete for several years at our school. She has been a huge asset this season to both our cross-country and track programs.  Although she did not have the XC season she wanted, she has made a huge change in her training during this track season.  This has made her a force on several of her relay teams.    A 3.88 student-athlete, she has been mentoring several of our 6th grade girls on proper relay form and structure.  She is involved in many activities both at our school and in the community from being an active member of our Sources of Strength Club to helping with the Hope Food Pantry program.  Her plans after high school are to attend William Penn University in Iowa on a track and cross-country scholarship, majoring in Business Education
VOLLEYBALL BAILEY ROGERS Occasionally a coach is blessed with a player who just gets it.  A player who gets what it takes to be successful on the court, in the classroom, and in the community.  A player who truly understands what it takes to be an effective role model for her peers.  A player who gives all that they have in everything they do, no matter the circumstances.  Bailey Rogers is one of these special players.

After suffering a devastating knee injury during the 2017-2018 basketball season, Bailey dedicated herself to working every day in physical therapy as hard as she could to make sure that she was ready to take the court in the first match of her senior volleyball season.  Despite the setbacks and difficulties that she had to endure, she surprised everyone but herself when she did just that back in early August.  Bailey’s tenaciousness and “go-hard” attitude to get back on the volleyball court is the same attitude she brings to all facets of life.

On the court, Bailey is a middle hitter/middle blocker with one of the best serves in the area.  She shows up to practice every day with the focus and desire to improve as a player.  Through her dedication, the 2018 volleyball team was able to finish with a winning record and to advance to the 18th District Tournament championship match and the 5th Region Tournament for the 13th straight season.  Bailey is a role model for all of those around her and younger players always gravitate towards Bailey’s positive attitude.

In the classroom, Bailey is a high achiever.  She currently has a 3.9 Grade Point Average and is ranked 18th in her class of 175 students.  She maintains this high standard while taking over 13 honor’s level/AP/Dual Credit courses while in high school.  She has received many academic accolades over her 3+ years at LCHS including:  National Honor Society Member, American Private Enterprise System Participant, Volleyball Academic Awards, and Honor Roll.  Bailey definitely has what it takes to be a successful student-athlete.

In the community, Bailey is dedicated to doing whatever possible to help those around her.  She volunteers with Feeding America, the South Dixie Charities for St. Jude Golf Scramble, Living Strong Relay for Life, Vacation Bible School, Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child, Little League Volleyball and Basketball, Trash for Cash, 4-H Camp Teen Counselor, and was privileged to participate in the 2018 Distinguished Young Women Program in LaRue County.

Bailey Rogers is such a wonderful young woman and I am extremely blessed to be able to work with her on the volleyball court.  I am extremely pleased to be able to nominate her for the News-Enterprise Select Preps Volleyball Award and cannot think of anyone who is more deserving!

WRESTLING THOMAS HOPPES Thomas is an excellent example of a student-athlete. Thomas has been wrestling for LaRue County since 5th grade and has bought in to it since day 1. Thomas is an example in the wrestling room to others, outworking every kid, motivating younger wrestlers, and pushing himself and others to achieve beyond what they are supposed to.

His days start early, at around 6:45 for a morning lift/workout, then practicing after school and often being the last one to leave the room. After practice, he routinely stays after to volunteer coach at youth wrestling practice. He loves hard work and is a prime example of what it means to be mentally tough. Thomas is known in our wrestling room as willing to wrestle, “whomever and whenever.” No matter the size or capability of his opponent.

His hard work and dedication are reflected by his accomplishment in the classroom and on the mat. He carries a 4.0 GPA and takes numerous Honors classes. His accomplishments include being part of 2 Region Championship teams, a 3x state qualifier, Region finalists as a 7th grader and placing 6th at 113lbs at the 2018 KHSAA state wrestling championships.

XC (BOYS) CHASE HINES It is my honor to nominate Chase Hines as the LaRue County Cross Country representative for the 2019 News-Enterprise Select Preps.  While only a freshman, Chase possesses a tremendous desire to succeed.  This is evident not only on the cross-country course, but also in the classroom. Chase has a 4.0 grade point average.  Having had Chase as a student and as an athlete, I can attest to his eagerness to give his best effort and succeed at any task.  I saw the same qualities in Chase on the course as in the classroom.  He has truly been a pleasure to coach this past season.  He will follow directions and challenge himself to complete any classroom task or running workout.  As a freshman, Chase is excelling in his studies and on the XC course beyond expectations.  Chase is a true academic and athletic ambassador for LaRue County Schools and the LaRue County Community.


It is with great privilege that I nominated the following young lady for my selection for the 2018-2019 Select Preps cross-country representative for LaRue County High School.  Getting back into XC coaching after a 12-year semi-retirement, things have changed in the sport.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that XC takes a unique individual, one that has the mental tenacity to compete when there is not a lot of support for the sport and one that can go out on a 3.1-mile course and leave it all there when no one is watching.  Jada Hunter-Hays is that young lady.  Not only has she improved her times by over 2 minutes from last season (her first in XC), but she has continued to move up the ranks among the girls in the 2A, Region 2 group of young ladies this season.  She is involved in several sports and activities, all the while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  Some of the clubs and activities outside of XC that she is involved include:  BETA, KYA, Y-Club, Chess Club, STLP, Vex Robotics, Academic Team, Future Problem Solvers, Quick Recall, and through her church involvement MOD Squad.  She is involved on a competitive dance team outside of school, which she has won numerous awards.  She is one of the creators of our I-Fit Club, which brings elementary and middle school aged girls to the high school for them to learn about information technology.  It has been a pleasure watching her tackle each course this season, with a fierceness, drive and desire that will carryover in her pursuit of her academic and career goals.