In Stephen Covey’s most popular book his words of wisdom include “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”  That “main thing” could certainly mean something different for all of us.  With so many aspects of life to balance as a teenager – school work, relationships, and the pursuit of personal passions — it’s no wonder that that main thing often gets lost amidst the lengthy things a teenager must balance.

Lady Hawks Softball and Basketball player Emma Bell has quietly gone about her business as a highly respected student taking the most challenging courses, and is currently ranked third in her senior class.  Not only has she excelled in the classroom she has proven to be a model athlete who strives to put the team first in everything she does.  Bell plans to attend University of Louisville in the fall with her goal to be a nurse practitioner.

“On the field, I am an encouraging teammate and leader,” says Bell.  “But, I am a student before anything.  If I’m not on the field, you can catch me with my head in a book or laptop or participating in several different extra-curricular activities.”

Bell adds, “I have many hobbies, but some that are close to my heart are softball and basketball. They have been a huge part of my life ever since I could walk. I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my friends and family. After graduation, I plan on pursuing my dream of being a nurse practitioner at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College and then The University of Louisville.”

Bell did not take the traditional path to softball growing up.  “I actually played baseball up until the fourth grade, and then I transitioned over to softball. My dad was on a fast pitch softball team when he was younger, so he signed me up for T-Ball. He encouraged me to play softball and has taught me most of the things I know about the sport.”

Since sixth grade teammate and friend Kellee Cundiff have shared the softball diamond together. “We have played on the high school softball team together since the sixth grade. We also played on a travel ball team together for a couple of years. We have been friends for many years, and softball has brought us closer together.”

Cundiff holds the same regard for her friend and teammate.  “Emma is a great teammate and a better friend.  She always gives her best effort.  She always pushes our teammates to do their best.  She gives just as much effort in practice as she does games.”

Bell’s role will be predominately on the offensive side as she is expected to be the Lady Hawks designated hitter, but will play first base when needed.  Last year she hit .427 with 47 hits, 35 RBI along with 2 Home runs. According to Head Coach Rocky Cundiff Bell will be a critical key to the success of the Lady Hawks.  “We will rely on Emma to produce hits and runs for us.  She sees the ball extremely well, has patience and plate presence that really gets her a high quality at bat each trip. She’s not going to hurt the team by making bad choices at the plate. When she’s up to bat coaches and teammates are confident she’s going to put it in play somewhere.

Cundiff adds, “Defensively she can provide a solid target at first base for her teammates to force outs.  She has good hands and doesn’t let much get past her. She can also provide valuable time in outfield if needed, in which she has good ability to read the ball.”

Cundiff loves the attitude that Bell brings to the field every day.  “I’ve coached Emma well before High School ball.  She played travel ball with me at an early age and put in a lot of work over the span of several summers. Emma has always been that player that had the attitude to try a little harder and show a little more focus and grit when it mattered most.  There is absolutely no quit in her, no blaming others.  She will always step up and deliver the best effort she can.  She’s been a blessing to this program, and a bright spot that has set a great example for her younger teammates. We are very proud of her.”

Expect Emma Bell to always keep the main thing, the main thing.