photo credit to Lasley Media Group


In the movie Friday Night Lights Coach Gary Gaines is talking to his team at halftime of the Texas state championship game, and is expressing to his team that his heart is full.  In other words his heart his full because he is thankful for the opportunity to coach his team of young men.

Such is the case for Head Football Coach Josh Jaggers who has endured a roller coaster type season, and over the last three weeks has won three playoff games putting them in the state semi-finals for only the second time in school history (1991).

Tis the season of Thanksgiving and the Hawks Football coaching staff have a lot to be thankful for.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to be the head coach at LaRue County High School, again,” says Jaggers.  “I’m thankful for the good Lord to have opened this window of opportunity. In the first go around we knew there were going to be some rough waters for a couple years, but that there were some big shining lights at the end of that tunnel, starting with the class of 2018 (football season 2017) and then obviously with this class rolling in behind them.”

This has all been almost like a dream.  This group of young men will forever go down in the history books of our proud program and myself, along with Megan and the girls are just so very blessed to be along for the ride.  I’m thankful and proud to be the head football coach of the LaRue County Hawks and even more thankful for the group of young men that we coach.

Jaggers concludes by saying, “I am thankful for the amazing staff that I get to coach with.  We are almost like a band of brothers ourselves.  To build a successful program you have to have ‘buy in’ from top to bottom, and I don’t think that I’ve ever been part of a staff that is as “together” as we are and I’ve been part of some amazing staffs over my fourteen years of coaching.”

Senior, Hayden Waddle – Thankful for all the love and support from our community during this football season.

Senior, Darius Breckenridge – I’m thankful for my mom and my family.

Senior, Zach Duvall – I am thankful for my coaches and teammates that always support me and the fans that support our team no matter what.

Senior, Chase Baker – I’m thankful to have these great group of teammates that push everyone and are passionate about the game. I’m that glad I can call them my brothers.

Senior, Patryk Cobb – I’m thankful for the support of the fans and the community.

Asst. Coach Tino Cobb – Thankful for the blessings that God has given me & my immediate & football family.

Senior, Hunter Howell – I am thankful for my family, my brothers on the football team, and all the support and love from the community that they have shown for us.

Asst. Coach Maceo Arnette – This community coming together and supporting our program.  To be a part of that especially in today’s “crazy” times!!!  That’s Thanksgiving.  We are truly a Hawk family.

Asst. Coach Elijah Zwiep – I’m thankful for the guys on this team and their belief in our goals, I’m thankful for this coaching staff, the community, staff at the school and the students who support us and I’m thankful for my family who love and support not only me, but the team.

Senior Dailliss Cox – I’m just thankful for family and friends and just being in the situation we are right now.

Senior, Anthony Adkins – I am thankful for all the support from everybody!

Junior, Tucker Shelton – I am thankful for my community of wonderful people, and my teammates that are like brothers.

Asst. Coach Sonny Judd – I am so thankful that on Friday nights I get to walk on that field with the other coaches and young men, and see the cheering faces of the community that we represent.

The football team will take that Hawk Pride to Louisville this Friday night to compete in the Class 3A semi-finals against Louisville Central.  Kickoff is set for 7:30.  GO HAWKS!