I ran across a quote that reads “Competition is a good thing; it forces us to do our best.” When it comes to competing, Chase and Carson Childress consider it a common practice within their household.

“Well, they certainly get it honest, that’s for sure,” says Wendy Childress, mother of the two boys and wife of Head Boys Basketball coach Paul Childress.  “They can turn anything into a competition.” Both boys started playing golf at an early age as they would continuously follow their dad around on the course.

Chase Childress, a junior who plays golf and basketball, describes himself as “…a person that loves to play sports, and when I’m not playing sports I like to be outside. I am very competitive and I want to be the best that I can possibly be in everything I do.”

Carson Childress, an eighth grader who also plays golf and basketball describes himself as “a very energetic person.  I’m always doing something like playing sports or just messing around with friends. I love being outdoors.”

Both are very important to the success of the LaRue County Golf team this season.  Head Golf Coach Justin Craft is expecting both Carson and Chase to perform well in the upcoming region tournament, which will take place at Elizabethtown Country Club. Both brothers are familiar with the course and have had plenty of opportunities to compete against one another over the last few years.

“Like his brother, Chase is a fierce competitor and hard worker,” says Craft.  “He’s a great kid and has come a long way with his golf game.  Off the course, he’s extremely thoughtful and a pleasure to be around.”

Childress (Chase) is in his fourth season as a varsity golfer.  Craft says, “Chase has gotten a lot stronger in the past couple of years, and is starting to become a pretty long hitter.  He’s worked hard on his short game, and is very capable of shooting a good round of golf.  Like a lot of golfers, if he can keep those big numbers off of his scorecard, he’s usually going to shoot a good round.”

Craft continues, “Chase is so well-rounded.  At any given time, any part of his game can be the highlight of the day.  Personally, I think when he’s on, his putting has the potential to be the best of any of our kids.  When he’s focused, he reads greens well.”

Both brothers will make their first appearance at the region golf tournament.  “He (Chase) already puts a lot of pressure on himself to be good, and region day typically magnifies that for kids,” says Craft.  “However, he’s hitting the ball better at this point in the season by leaps and bounds over where he was a few weeks ago.  Given that new boost of confidence, I think he’s in line to shoot one of his best rounds of the year on region day.”

Chase concurs with Coach Craft by saying, “My expectations are high for the region tourney because E-town’s pretty much my home course and I know I can play some of my best golf out there. I just want to go out there and contribute the best I can for our team.”

Carson is in his second year as a varsity golfer. Craft says, “Carson is one of the most thoughtful and meticulous student athletes I’ve ever been around.  He is an analyzer through and through.  He’s also a fierce competitor.  When he’s not at his best, he can’t wait to work on his game to get better before his next round.”

Having just turned 14, Carson is still a very young player.  Craft admits, “He’s still getting stronger and increasing his length by leaps and bounds with each passing year.  He’s had to learn how to handle hitting the ball farther, and how to manage the golf course.”

Craft adds, “Carson has a tremendous feel for the game.  He has the best set of hands of any of the golfers I’ve coached through the years.  It’s impossible to teach feel.  A golfer is either predisposed to feel or he spends hours upon hours hitting shots until he can develop it.  With great feel and great hands comes the ability to hit a variety of shots around the green.  While his physical growth has forced him to adjust that feel he’s developed, his hand-eye coordination around the green is fun to watch.”

“Even though Carson is the youngest golfer on the varsity squad,” Craft says, “he has the potential to be the most talented when it’s all said and done.  For that reason, anything is possible on region day for him.  If he fired a round in the mid-70s, that wouldn’t surprise me.  He’ll be playing at his home course on region day, so there’s a lot of familiarity there.  However, youth can be fickle.  Some days it causes you to be fearless.  Other days it can cripple you.

Craft concludes by saying “With both Chase and Carson’s competitive nature, I expect them to shine on region day.”