Drive, determination, focus, passion, respect are just a few adjectives necessary to be a good leader.  In order for teams to be successful leadership is expected.  Senior Lady Hawks Soccer player Allison Bauer has played in nearly sixty games in her varsity career, and has established herself as one of the key leaders for the team.

Head Lady Hawks Soccer Coach and father PJ Bauer objectively admits, “On the field Allison is a natural leader.  She is not only a vocal leader, she also leads by example.  She plays hard the entire time she is on the field.  Off the field Allison is very smart and funny.  She puts just as much into her school work as she does soccer.”

Bauer has been playing soccer since she was nine years old.  “She was actually the manager of the first rec team that I helped coach,” Says PJ Bauer.  She has been with the Lady Hawks soccer program for the last five years.  Bauer (Allison) says, “My older sister Whitney Bauer played soccer when I was in 4th grade and I loved going to her games and practices and always being a help to the team and I started loving the sport from there. I decided to play the next season when I was in fifth grade for the rec team.”

In those five years Bauer has always assumed the midfield position, which are the work horses of the soccer world. They cover the most ground of any players and are simultaneously the most varied and versatile. There are lots of ways to play midfield and lots of types of people who play it but there are some things they all have in common. Midfielders must be able to run for 90 minutes. They must be responsible and have good judgement because no matter how promising an opportunity to attack looks, it is their responsibility to get back on defense when the opposing team counter attacks.

Needless to say, Bauer has to be able to handle a lot of responsibility while leading her team.  Coach Bauer says, “She has always had the ability to battle with the girls in the middle of the field.  She has worked hard to get her foot skills better over the years.  What Allison has meant to the program is an understanding that we don’t care who you are or where you come from when you play us she expects us to win.  She is not scared of any team.  You want kids like that to lead your team.”

Director of LC Soccer Operations and mother adds, “She is a key player in midfield, since she has played this position for so long she knows exactly what we need her to do.  We need her to do her best and leave it all on the field and she does that every game.  She is a captain on the team and is expected to continue her leadership roles.  Since this is her last year she needs to be a mentor for the younger girls so we will have someone that can fill her role in the future.”

When asked how she likes playing for her dad as the head coach, Bauer says, “I love playing for my dad because he knows a lot about soccer and can help me a lot more and focuses more on me and pushes me during practice because I know he’s always there and always watching. Sometimes people don’t try as hard because nobody is watching at practice. But with him always being there and putting so much focus on me every mistake I make he points out which isn’t always the best. He calls me out the most and gets on me the most, which is good with me.”

Like any leader it is important to have the respect of your teammates.  Friend and teammate Olivia Hazelwood says, “Allison works hard on and off the field.  What separates her from other players is her competiveness and her ability to lead by example on the field.  She puts 100% into every game and practice.”

Senior friend and teammate Katey Cook concurs, “Allison is very aggressive and always a team player.  She is very serious when it comes to soccer, but off the field she is definitely the most laid back person, and quite frankly, absolutely hilarious.”

Bauer’s committed to the Lady Hawks having a successful season and making sure they are the first team to win back to back district championships.  Look for Bauer to be in the thick of things at any Lady Hawks soccer match.