The LaRue County Hawks Tennis team will compete in the 5th Region Tennis Tournament beginning Monday at Freeman Lake Courts in Elizabethtown.  Coach Terry Caven and Allison McDowell give us a look at who will compete in the Region Tourney:


Clay Cecil (6-5):  Clay has had a breakout debut in playing singles for the hawks.  He secured a #4 seed in the Conference Tourney and is seeded in the 5-8 group for Region (all share the same label for 5-8).  He has played very competitive matches the number one singles from E’town and Central Hardin (who are both seeded in the top 4 for the Region Tourney).  Clay could definitely give any player in the draw a run for their money and he will most likely play Thor Newsome from Central Hardin in the Quarterfinals if they both hold their seed.

Ethan Harry (6-4):  Ethan has the potential to surprise some people in the region.


Kyle Woosley/Rylee Greenwell (3-7):  These two guys have developed quite a bit as a doubles team from the beginning of last season.  I trust their effort in big matches and hope that they are going to hit their stride as we enter into the Region Tourney.

Jake Gardner/Keaton Knox (3-5): These two guys have only had a short time playing together, yet they communicate well as a team.  If they play their best tennis then we could give some of the seeds something to think about.


Karrington Donahue (9-3):  Karrington has secured the #3 seed for the region tournament.  Her only losses this season have been at the hands of North Hardin’s #1 Singles Addison Sutton (who is ranked #2 in the region).  Karrington has not played Laura Hinkle (ranked #1 in the region from E’town) this season, however she is in her half of the draw so if Karrington holds her seed Hinkle will be her most likely opponent in the Semis.  Karrington has an excellent shot to make it to state, but of course will have to win one match at a time.

Elly Bellu (2-2):  Elly has just recently stepped into our #2 singles spot and thus has yet to compete against many of the other singles competitors in the draw.  However, she brings a surprising blend of consistency and level-headedness on the court.  I believe that if she plays with intensity and intentionality she can advance further than would be expected by her opponents.


Sophie Akin/Mallory Williams (8-3):  Sophie and Mallory have only played this one season together, yet they show the best chemistry of all of our doubles teams.  They are playing very strategic doubles and have the ability to one of the more aggressive teams in the region.  They are entering the Region Tourney seeded in the #5-8 group and certainly have the ability to play above and beyond their seed.

Natalie Wolf/Marisa Cecil (7-3):  Natalie and Marisa are our veteran doubles teams.  They have played together more than any other doubles team we have, and because of this they have developed a style of play unique to their abilities.  They can certainly be very consistent at times and this gives them opportunities against opponents who may lack that same consistency.