“You can’t start a fire without a spark.” American singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen wrote in one of his biggest hits of all-time Dancing in the Dark.  LaRue County Boys Basketball senior Kendrik Weathers is the spark that starts the fire for the LaRue County Hawks team.

Weathers has assumed and solidified his role on the Hawks team as the “energy guy.”  Long-time Friend and teammate Dailliss Cox says, “He is a really good teammate and even better friend.  He will tell you how it is, and he is definitely our energy guy that brings a spark to the team.”

Weathers has been playing basketball since the second grade.  He is the nephew of former LaRue County basketball and football standout K.C. Goodin.  K.C. coaches basketball at Butler High School in Louisville.  Weathers fully understands and accepts his role on the Hawks team who sport a 15-2 team at the time of publication.  “My role for the team is the hustle man and defender,” says Weathers.  “I come in the game and hype everyone up, and i just try to play hard and do well on the court.”

Head Coach Paul Childress concurs.  “Kendrik is our spark plug.  He is the guy who comes in and whether we are playing good or we need a lift, he always seems to get us going with his hustle plays.  We expect him to continue to do his role well.  He is the ultimate team player.  Whatever is necessary, Kendrik is always ready.  If it is guarding the best player, knocking down a shot, diving on a loose ball, guarding a bigger man.  He is fearless.”

Assistant Coach Paul Handley and cousin has had a major influence in the development of Weathers.  “Kendrik has always loved basketball as long as I have known him,” says Handley.  “From the time he was a little kid until now he has demonstrated a great interest in the game. During my time with Kendrik, there is one thing I can say about him.  He works harder than any of his peers, and never allows anyone to out-work him. He is very competitive and we (coaches and players) see that every day in practice and in his game.  He leaves it all on the floor.”

Handley continues, “Kendrik is very coachable.  He listens to what you tell him to do and then executes with perfection. He loves his teammates and encourages them in practice and in games.  His teammates will agree that he works hard every day in practice.  He is a friend to them as well as a teammate. I have coached many kids; Kendrik is by far one of the best.”

Childress is quick to point out the maturity of Weathers over his basketball career.  “Kendrik has probably matured more over a 4-year span than any player I have ever coached.  I can specifically remember telling Kendrik to stick basketball out when he was a sophomore.  Kendrik was very small as a freshmen and even a sophomore.  There were many guys in his class that were ahead of him physically.  He could have easily been discouraged and quit, but I saw the desire to play and compete early on with Kendrik.  I told him to hang in there, that one day he would grow (and he really shot up this past summer) and if he kept working and did not quit, that he would find a role on this team.  And, boy has he!  I am very proud of Kendrik.  I am proud of all the guys that graduate from our program, but I am especially proud of Kendrik and the hurdles he has had to overcome.”

Childress refers to Weathers as a warrior and competitor.  “Being smaller than his peers early on, he was always told he was too small.  However, I saw the fight in Kendrik early on.  He never backs down from a challenge.  Because of that mentality, he makes plays that you just do not expect him to make sometimes.  He will go in there with the big boys and snatch rebounds when you least expect it.”

Childress has coached basketball 20-plus years.  “I cannot be more proud of a player than I am of Kendrik Weathers.  He is the epitome of never giving up and sticking with it until you find success.  I love him to death and I know he will be successful in life if he takes that same approach with any career choice.”

As the Hawks continue their pursuit of a district and region championship look for Weathers to continue to be that spark that ignites the Hawks.

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