Motivational speaker Les Brown says, “If you do what is easy, your life will be hard.  If you do what is hard, your life will be easy.” It sometimes takes years for us to figure this out, but not for fraternal twins Ethan and Isaac Johnson.

The Johnson Brothers are constantly challenging themselves to get better.  Whatever the endeavor both seek to get out of their comfort zone on a daily basis.  They both have striking similarities and characteristics; however, they will admit they like to do different things to challenge themselves.  They both have been involved with the Hawks Wrestling program the last three seasons, along with various other activities.

Assistant Wrestling Coach Brad Walters points out, “They definitely have similarities. They like to joke around, and are very respectful and likable kids, but they approach wrestling differently.  This is their third season and both have experienced success as well as struggles along the way.  When you see the two together, their bond is noticeable instantly.”

Assistant Wrestling Coach Elijah Zwiep says, “They have both made themselves a part of the Hawk wrestling family since joining. They help coach younger or new wrestlers during practice and are very supportive of teammates after matches regardless of the outcome of the match.”

Head Wrestling Coach Eric Burrell points out the differences of the two.  “Isaac is the quieter of the two. His confidence is noticed more through his mat presence than with him speaking about it. He more of the ‘act like you’ve been there before’ when performing in matches. He is a more of a lead by example type. He works his tail off, but also enjoys his time off.”

Burrell admits, “Ethan is the more outspoken and vocal of the two. When he is in a match, he likes to get the crowd into it and when he wins likes to make gestures to fans and teammates. He likes to stay involved throughout the school year in various sports and activities (he plays football and wrestles).

Burrell continues by saying “They are both just really great kids, fun to be around, easy to talk to. Something I appreciate about both of them is the way they have stuck with it and developed into good wrestlers. The hardest thing about wrestling is buying into the process, that the belief that through hard work you will get better and they both have.”

Both of them are very active in school activities such as choir and just recently finishing performing in the school/local play, which required practice and performance over the last four months.  They are also highly involved in various other clubs, and are always supporting other school athletic programs.

The most common denominator of the two is that they admit they love the challenge of getting out of their comfort zone.  Isaac says, “I love to push myself and strive to be the best that I can be. I enjoy hanging out with all my friends and being outdoors as well as doing things that challenge me.”

While Ethan says, “I enjoy anything that gets me out of my comfort zone and makes me learn something new. I have taught myself how to wakeboard, snowboard, ski, build and race drift trikes, theater, and anything that will test my limits.”

LCHS teacher and play director Katy Cecil has witnessed first-hand over the last two years the Johnson brother’s similarities and differences. “Ethan is an outstanding scholar and athlete, and a few years ago he added actor to his repertoire. After discovering that Ethan could sing well, we asked him to perform as Rolf in our production of The Sound of Music. He stepped way outside his comfort zone to take on that challenge, and though he is used to performing on the football field or the wrestling mat, it is not the same as standing on a stage and singing in front of an auditorium full of your neighbors and your high school peers. However, he rose to the challenge and performed beautifully. Since that production, Ethan has performed in two more of my productions, and has done an exemplary job each time. I believe his time in athletics and his time on the stage have made him very adept at fast thinking and creative problem solving-skills that will serve him well in any walk of life.”

Cecil continues, “Isaac, like Ethan, is also a scholar athlete and an incredibly talented singer and actor, but he is not as outgoing or naturally confident as his twin. Isaac was even more reluctant to join our production of The Sound of Music, but he did a fantastic job with the role. Though he has a wonderful singing voice and is a natural on the stage, he has to work hard to overcome his shyness. He does not exhibit the same bravado as his older brother, but he, too, has been in two other productions since that first foray onto the stage two years ago. His confidence has grown exponentially, and I believe this most recent project, where he played Fist in Four Weddings and an Elvis, was a breakout moment for him. Isaac is immensely talented, and it seems to me he is finally starting to see what the rest of us have known all along!”

LCHS Choir teacher Amber Tucker speaks highly of the twins.  “It takes a lot of security and hard work to do all the things they are involved in and never once have I witnessed attitudes or negative energy from either of them. They actually bring positive energy to the room and acquire great leadership skills that they apply to their activities as well. Both have their own presence but they both share many of the same characteristics that will lead them far in life.”

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