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photo by Terry Sandidge



Honor, loyalty, commitment – values that can be found in the men and women in our armed forces. These are also values that Senior Hawk Football player Kyle Woosley possesses.

If you have attended a Hawk football game the last four years, you would notice that when the Hawks run out to the field before the game one player (#14) is carrying the American Flag. The reason is simple. “The reason I carry the flag is for my two papaws that both served in Vietnam,” says Woosley. “I love the country and all that it stands for. I am proud to be an American.”

“I have a strong desire to produce results,” says Woosley. “I am the type of person to meet challenges head-on rather than sweep them under the rug and hope they go away. While I am an optimistic person, I am also realistic about the current situation and how satisfactory or unsatisfactory it is.”

Outside of football, Woosley can often be seen at other sporting events such as volleyball and basketball, leading the cheers of the student section. “The reason I like to go the games and be in the student section is that I care about how we do as a school I like being good in every sport not just one and the least I can do is show my support for them.”

Woosley has been playing football for the last eleven years. He has played multiple positions over the years, but has found his niche at the most important position on the defensive side of the ball at inside linebacker. Head Football Coach Josh Jaggers says, “Kyle and Chase Puyear get our defense, in particular our front 7 or 8 organized. They get those guys lined up. He’s one of the quarterbacks of our defense.”

Woosley has never been one to back down from a challenge. Standing 5-9 and checking in at 170 pounds he is not your prototypical inside linebacker. Woosley relies on his instincts and aggressiveness to fulfill his role as the defensive leader. “A lot of that is instinct,” says Jaggers. “Instincts in football come in a wide form, and he possess just natural instinct to make plays. Coaching reads, watching film for tendencies, strength and improving speed are all things that can be coached to an extent. His aggressiveness, relentlessness and just feeling out the play a lot of times are not sometimes noticed. Those are characteristics that, quite honestly, either you have or you don’t. You don’t see many, if any players ‘develop’ those attributes.”

Another attribute that is noticeable in Woosley is his intensity. “Kyle is an intense presence to have in the locker room and on the field,” says friend and teammate Josh McCourt. “You’ve always gotta be on your toes when you’re around him. He always goes 100% despite not being as large as other players. He doesn’t let his size stop him from making crazy good plays from his linebacker position. I love having him on my kickoff team because I know he is gonna be one of the first ones down there every time.”

Woosley admits he loves the contact aspect of football. When asked what motivates him to play football, he says, “I just want to be the toughest person on the field mentally and physically.”

Teammate and linebacker partner Chase Puyear agrees that Woosley brings that toughness and energy to the team. “Kyle is great guy to be around, he’s energetic and a hard-nosed football player. When Friday night rolls around you kinda have to tell him to calm down a little on the field because he’s so hyper. I almost feel bad for the other team sometimes. Kyle also brings the team closer together I think. He likes to have fun and it helps the rest of us shake off some nerves.”

Jaggers has nothing but high praise for Woosley and loves the mentality he brings to the team. “When you think about unsung heroes on a team, that is what I think I about when I think about Kyle Woosley. Kyle led the team in tackles last year as a junior and now leads us again this year. He is a very selfless individual; a talented player who has good speed who also loves hard work, but also does not care about the stat sheet. Being able to coach kids like that are many times like trying to find a unicorn; they don’t exist.”

Jaggers continues, “Kyle is just a joy to coach. First, and foremost, he is a good student. Secondly, he is a leader in the hallways and classroom in terms of how he treats other people. He is just an extremely coachable young man who doesn’t care about the stat sheet or position he plays and just so happens to be a pretty darn good high school football player. If coaches could get a team full of Kyle Woosley’s….they would coach until the day they die.”

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