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William Shakespeare once said, “Blessed are the peacemakers on earth.” Lady Hawks senior soccer player Marisa Cecil is that individual on the team that provides the peace for a team that is currently 12-3-1, and the #1 seed in the 18th District Tourney coming up.

Cecil has been playing soccer for the last eight years. “My mom signed us up when we were younger for little league in Hodgenville, and then convinced me to play for the high school team in 7th grade,” says Cecil.

Cecil has always brought a great attitude and a strong work ethic to the sport. She is a true example of a role player that makes teams successful. Lady Hawks Head Soccer Coach PJ Bauer says, “Marisa is always positive about everything. She is able to keep everyone on the team uplifted, including the coaches.”

Cecil’s role on the team is simple says Bauer. “She is a holding midfielder. Her role is to pressure the other team’s offense and try to make them make a mistake. She has had a great season so far. She does many things for our team that will never be seen on a stat sheet.”

Cecil truly understands her role on the team. She is asked every game to help control the opponent’s offensive threats and prevent teams from advancing the ball. Cecil says, “My strengths as a player would probably be being aggressive and having a good attitude.”

When asked what is Cecil’s greatest strength, Bauer does not hesitate in saying, “Her effort. I do not have to ask her to give everything that she has. She is always giving 100%.”

However, with the effort also comes a side that coaches and players probably appreciate more, and that is her willingness to keep the peace among 23 other players and coaches. “Marisa is always smiling,” Bauer says. “She seems like she is always happy. She treats everyone equal. She does not care what grade you are in. She is unique because there is something about her that makes people smile. I can be getting on the team about something and at the end; she will say something that will lighten up the mood. I don’t think she fully understands her value and importance to the team.”

Director of Soccer Operations Laura Bauer concurs with her husband PJ. “Marisa is sweet and caring. She is the peacemaker. She does not want anyone talking about a teammate. She leads by example. She is willing to do whatever her coaches ask of her without complaining.”

Former Lady Hawk Soccer Coach Bill Hawkins has the utmost respect for Cecil and what she brings to the team. “She is the type of teammate who leads by example. She is quiet at times but always has a way of making her presence known on the field.
Marissa has the ability to set a goal and work doggedly toward it until she achieves it. She is willing to play whatever position is needed at any given point in any given game. She makes those around her confident and causes them to play up.”

Cecil has learned a great deal from soccer. “I am always willing to better myself in many things, and I understand the hardships you have to go through sometimes to get what you want. I am also very thankful for everything life has thrown at me.”

Cecil is also quick to point out her team’s success, and what the team goal is for the rest of the season. “I did expect the team to do this well because we worked hard all summer by conditioning, weightlifting and practicing ball skills almost every practice. Our goal is simple, and that is to obtain a district championship, and advance in the region tournament.”

The value of high school sports is evident through players like Marisa Cecil. She obviously gets it, and has a clear perspective of what it takes to be a true team player with a great attitude, a great smile, all the while providing peace to everyone.

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