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Boys Junior Varsity Soccer, Boys Varsity Soccer · HAWKS SOCCER POSTSEASON PREVIEW


The Hawk Soccer team will be in action Wednesday in the 18th District Tournament at Marion County.  Below is a Q and A with Head Coach Bill Hawkins

Q What has the transition from girls to boys head coach been like?
My first year of coaching the boys has been in interesting transition. I remember back to my first practice with the girls team several years ago, I made the statement, “Coaching girls is quite different from coaching boys.” Well the converse of this statement is just as true. I have had to change up how I approach explanation and expectation at practice and games. This years’ Hawks team is much different from the boy’s teams in recent years. They have a youth that they have not had to experience for a while. The mindset of the whole program is a different mindset from my previous experience. Our results don’t reflect the true growth that we have seen this season. Our goals have been to develop a better fundamental understanding of the game and the responsibilities of each position in reference to how that makes a stronger team.
The boys have had a tough season on many levels but they have fought through together, no matter the circumstances. As a team we are understanding the necessity of hard work not only at each practice and game but during the off-season as well. Many players have found themselves in new locations on the field and are growing into solid multi-purpose field players along the way. I think as a whole, the team has started to believe in themselves as well as in their team in a way they may not have early on in the season.

These boys have great hearts and minds and are learning to love the game as a whole and not just the pieces that they felt were their “jobs” before.

Q What has surprised you about this year’s team?

The resilience that these boys have has been a surprising aspect of this season. For the seniors that have played since the 7th grade, I am the 6th head coach they have seen in their tenure with Hawks soccer. Despite all of the change in coaching style and expectations, they hold true to the game. They are frustrated at times, but they always manage to keep a good humor and presence of mind about any situation. Some days are tough on these boys, but they always show up and carry on, no matter the obstacles or outcomes. I am very impressed with the resilience of these young men.
Q What are your expectation for the post season?

The season has been a tough one and we are making small changes to find the best mix each game. We had a valiant showing against a strong Greenwood team as our last game of the season. I was blessed to watch these boys play above themselves and fight through exhaustion and frustration to mount a strong effort. Our goal for District play will be no different than what we have worked toward each game this season. We want to leave the pitch knowing we have left everything out there. Each one will work just as hard for themselves as they do the 10 guys around them on the pitch. If we put in everything we have from bench to coach to field, then we have succeeded.

Q What do you expect out of Hart, Marion or Taylor in the district tourney?

Taylor and Marion have a history of being strong and consistent competition in the district. Taylor is playing some very good ball right now. Hart and Campbellsville have proven they have stepped to their game this year as well. Both of those teams have had some good results this year.

The tournament always brings out the best in everyone involved, so we are excited about next the week. Marion always gives a good match. So our plan is to leave it all out there and enjoy the ride.

Q Who are the teams to beat in the region tournament?
Elizabeth town is making the strongest showing in the region this season. Coach Yates is doing an amazing job with those boys. They have had a strong schedule and strong results, but teams like Central and Taylor County cannot be dismissed. Coach Humphrees and Taylor County have had a favorable season with some very big wins.


Game 1: Hart vs Campbellsville boys at 6:00 est

Game 2: LaRue vs Hart (Girls) 5:30 est
Game 3: Taylor vs winner game 1 (Boys) 7:30 est

Game 4: Marion vs Taylor (Girls) 5:30 est
Game 5: Marion vs Larue (Boys) 7:30 est

Finals Girls at 5:30 est Boys at 7:30 est