Actress Evangeline Lilly “The world is full of opportunities, and I want to try as many as I possibly can.” Lady Hawk’s volleyball and cheerleader Katelynn Lafollette could say the same.

Lafollette has been involved with the volleyball program for the last four years and the cheer program for the last seven years. She is also involved in various activities at LCHS, including the high school choir program and the track team.

Head Volleyball Coach Ben Schell says, “Katelynn quietly goes about her business every day. As a senior, she is focused on improving herself as a player and her team on a daily basis. Katelynn has played volleyball at the high school for the past four years and the amount of growth I have seen in her from her freshman year to her senior year is immense.”

Lafollette plays Right-side Hitter for the Lady Hawks Volleyball team. “This is a difficult position because she not only has to focus on attacking the backset ball, but she also must play defense at the net and off the net,” says Schell. “Katelynn is an athletic player who understands where to be on the floor and always gives her best effort.”

Lafollette was encouraged to play Volleyball her freshman year by her friend Kayla Heath. Schell says, “The first few years of high school volleyball were definitely years of learning the game for her. Again, the amount of growth she has shown to become a varsity starter, as a senior is impressive.”

“As we enter the final weeks of the season, I expect Katelynn to continue to be an offensive threat for us. She has developed a great, deep, cross-court shot that is very difficult for opponents to defend. If we can work the line shot into her arsenal, she will be a go-to hitter for us the rest of the season.”

While Lafollette works hard to improve her volleyball game, she still is committed to the cheer program as well. Lafollette says, “I did gymnastics when I was little and I always looked up to the cheerleaders at games, I also always attended little cheer camp as an elementary schooler.” She serves multiple roles including flyer, base and back spot on the squad making her a vital contributor.

“Cheering is a lot tougher than one may think,” says Lafollette. “For me the most difficult thing about cheer to me would definitely have to be the mental aspect of it, especially when it comes to tumbling.”

Head Cheer coach Danielle VanderMolen considers Lafollette a great asset to the program. “She is a good role model for upcoming cheerleaders. I admire her willingness to juggle two activities. Katelynn has always been more than eager to step into whatever position we need her on and off the mat. Through multiple injuries she has acquired from the sport she continues to persevere and push through to get her job done.”

During Lafollette’s freshman year, she was given a nickname that has stuck with her through high school. Lafollette recalls, “During my freshman year Josh, the WKU cheer coach would come give us gymnastic lessons on Thursdays, and he would always make me try to throw a series, and I never could get it just right. Therefore, I would mope around practice mad at myself because I could not get it right. Josh would see me and make fun of me and say ‘why bother’ like the character Eeyore off Winnie the Pooh.”

Contrary to her nickname, Lafollette has made the most of her opportunities at LCHS including being involved in the high school choir led by Amber Tucker. “Mrs. Tucker is a big influence in my life, she is a very positive role model and my life would be very different without her, she is like a second mom to me.”

Tucker thinks highly of Lafollette and the impact she has had on the choir. “Katelynn is a highly energized, optimistic young lady! I have been blessed to be her choral teacher for 5 years now and she has just brought so much to life to the classroom! She sets herself to high standards academically and character wise. She is strongly encouraging for other to do their best work while she also puts forth all her efforts in everything she is involved in. Katelynn is also extremely organized and always smiling. She is just such a wonderful young woman.”

Lafollette continues to go about her business quietly having a strong impact on LCHS program. Good friend Samantha Martin puts it best. “She is very determined. When she wants to get better at something or has a goal set she puts her mind to it and does not quit until she makes it happen. In addition, she is very competitive and is always striving to win and do her best. She is a great friend and teammate. She always lifts you up when you get down on yourself and lets you know that you can do it. She will always have your back and be there for you whenever you need her.

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