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Many of us refer to consistent, hard work as “the grind.”  I ran across a great quote that says, “you can’t cheat the grind, it knows how much you have invested it won’t give you anything you haven’t worked for.”  Kane Harris, a senior football player for the Hawks fully understands what that ‘grind’ means, and is devoted to leading LaRue County Hawks Football to a successful season.

Harris has been playing football since he was ten years old.  “My brother () started it all, he used to take me outside and gave me run routes for hours when I was young. He would make me do everything right, and we would stay outside until I did the whole route right from stance, to release, to the first break, all the way to our imaginary end zone at the end of the yard. He instilled the grind in me at a young age.”

That determination to hard work and consistent improvement has not gone unnoticed over the years.  Sonny Judd, who returns to the Hawks Football Coach Staff, has observed the maturity in Harris.  “When I first meet Kane three years ago I was surprised to find out that he was just going into his sophomore year. He seemed very mature for his age and already had a high football IQ. He has continued to grow in both areas to the point you forget sometimes that he still just a kid. The first thing college recruiters tell me after meeting Kane is how he is very mature and well spoken.”

Judd continues, “Kane isn’t the kind of leader that has to stand in the front of the room to talk. He always leads by example, but when he does talk the guys stop and listen. They follow his lead. During a mid-week practice last year, the team was kind of flat and their effort was a little lackluster.  It was a full-team period so all the starters were on the field. I just walked over to Kane and quietly said “the guys are flat, fix it.” Kane opened his mouth and the team responded. Within a few snaps they were practicing like it was Friday night. That’s the impact he has a leader.”

Former Head Coach Tony Hatmaker spent the last two seasons with Harris and had nothing but high praise for the senior.  “Kane was a pleasure to coach.  He is one of those special athletes who has talent, desire and the work ethic to match. I can remember dozens and dozens of times he would call or text me about doing some extra work. Many of the times it was with several of his teammates, which shows his leadership to bring along others. He recognized at a very early age that it is just as important to help others prepare as it is to be ready himself.”

Harris has always been able to separate himself from his peers.  Judd admits, “He enjoys the lonely work, meaning that on non-practice days you can drive by his house and see him in the yard working on his footwork. Or on the track working on his speed. Or sending me drills or things he has seen YouTube and asking what I thought about it. During the game, whenever he is off the field which is rare, Kane will get on the headset to talk to me in the booth. He doesn’t do it to talk about the touchdown he scored or the tackle he made. He wants to know if his route running was okay on the play that he didn’t get open. That’s what makes Kane different.”

Harris is forward to being reunited with his former coach in Coach Josh Jaggers.  “Coach Jaggers return was a surprise to most of us but a comforting surprise. We still feel linked to him through our freshmen being that he was our coach. He made many of us to be seniors mature much faster than most players have to. I’m glad to have another opportunity to play for him since I’ve grown so much as a player and most importantly winning a state title.”

Jaggers is excited for the opportunity to coach Harris.  “Kane is a first class individual with tremendous character and work ethic.  Most know him about his athletic ability on the field, but how he is as a person is what all of us close to him are proudest of.”

Jaggers continues by saying, “We are all expecting him to have a break out year. The thing about Kane is that he is selfless; it’s easy to go hard when you’re getting the ball, which doesn’t take anything special, but to go just as hard when he isn’t getting the ball takes a different kind of person (especially at his position).  Kane is a true leader.  His teammates would follow him anywhere. He leads more by example, but when he speaks, his teammates know things are serious.”

Harris has offers from Union College (KY- NAIA) and Kentucky Wesleyan (NCAA Division 2).  Jaggers says, “Those are both solid offers, and we all expect more to come as the year plays out.”