16 LaRue County Hawks atheletes have been nominated for the News Enterprise Select Preps banquet which will take place tonight at First Christian Church in Elizabethtown.  Check out the link to see what each coach said about their selection


Eric Allen

Everything Derek does defines what a coach looks for in a team leader. Derek is a natural leader by example who can always be counted on to do the right thing and has been an honor and a pleasure to coach. He has also signed a letter of intent to further his playing career next year at Asbury University.



MJ has led the team in scoring and rebounding for most of the season, but also has provided great leadership and overall presence to the team. Even though he has only been with our program for a year, he epitomizes what we want our student athlete to be here at LaRue Co. He has gotten the job done in the classroom and has carried himself with great character and discipline.  MJ will continue his basketball career at Berea College



James Slaven

She is a role model for our young student athletes and she is the epitome of what it means to be a LaRue County Hawk. As a senior on our basketball team, I can personally attest to her work ethic and ability to lead her teammates.  She has organized team activities and has even offered incentives to teammates who participate.  She is generally the last player to leave the practice floor and she has encouraged teammates to stay for that time with her.



Danielle VanderMolen

Kaylee has proven to be a major leader on and off the mat. Her understanding of the sport as a whole played out at practice and on the competition floor. She shows great leadership around the community and school activities.



Tony Hatmaker

Seth is not one to shy away from leadership opportunities whether that is on our team or in the various other areas where is so gifted. One of the things I like most about Seth is his willingness to have an attention to detail with his techniques and responsibilities. He likes to get it right the first time and is more than willing to ask questions for clarification which most young men aren’t mature enough to do.



Justin Craft

Cameron Dawson has been the face of the LaRue County golf program for many years, representing the school since his third grade year. In this time, he has helped to mentor numerous young golfers as they have entered the program. It is a coach’s dream to be able to depend on an athlete to step up, take a teammate to the side and actively help him achieve his goals. His attitude helped to shape the identity of our team in a time when we were a competitive afterthought.



Jimmy Adams

He is the co-captain of the soccer team and leads by example both on the field and off. He has a positive attitude and very respectable to both players, coaches and officials. Brandon has provided transportation for his younger team mates helping them to practice and games.



Hattie is a Senior co-captain for the Lady Hawks soccer team. As a 6 year member of this team, she has played many roles. Though her heart is in mid-field, she has served mainly as the defensive leader of our backline. Her game and attitude have matured over her years. She will sacrifice self to excel the team.



Rocky Cundiff

Lindsey has been a part of the Lady Hawk softball program for 6 years. Lindsey has also been the wrestling statistician for three years. She is very loyal and dedicated to the team. Lindsey is an extremely hard worker, she is a great leader and role model for her teammates. Lindsey brings energy and a great work ethic day in day out. Very classy individual with a selfless attitude always thinking about others.


TENNIS (BOYS) CLAY CECIL-Terry Caven/Allison McDowell

Clay Cecil is a first year tennis player and in just a couple of months he has already surpassed many of his teammates. This has occurred because Clay is the most coachable player on our team and always implements the necessary changes to improve his game. Clay also leads by example in the classroom and keeps near perfect grades in all his classes.



Terry Caven/Allison McDowell

Mallory Williams is an unbelievably well-rounded athlete. Her work ethic and natural athleticism makes her a force to be reckoned with on the tennis court. Mallory also displays great character, integrity, and leadership through her words and actions. She is an example to her peers both on the court as well as in the classroom, and she never settles for anything less than the best that she can possibly achieve.



Jobie Hooper

Jacob is great leader and runner but most of all he is a great student and person
With one of the leading GPA in the school and his Art is to die for. But Jake lives his life in a way that shows his family value as well as his Christian Belief. He is a great young man and there is no wonder he has found himself as my candidate for this prestigious award.



Jamie Hardin

Jessi is an outstanding leader for the LCHS girls track team. This year we have no seniors on the team and she has taken on the role of being the one that gets the girls motivated both at practice and in the meets. Not only is she coachable, she is just an overall good person to be around. The younger girls turn to her for advice both with track and with life. She makes practices fun and isn’t afraid to go the extra mile to improve herself.



Ben Schell

Sophie thrived in her new role and pushed herself as hard as possible in practice each day to ensure that she was learning and improving as a player. Sophie was the team motivator and oftentimes found herself with no voice left after cheering for her teammates all night through the freshmen, JV, and varsity matches. She is the epitome of a role model for younger players. Sophie approached each day in practice as another opportunity to improve herself and her teammates. Sophie encouraged everyone every day and showed all players just how important a positive approach to difficult situations will lead to positive results.



Eric Burrell

Some kids (and adults) try to be leaders, and to others, like Stiles, it just comes naturally. The other boys on the team quickly realized that Stiles was a teammate in the truest sense of the word. Stiles leads by example and is fiercely competitive on the mat, which breeds respect and admiration among Stiles peers. It is very unusual to be able to have an intense desire to win and succeed on the mat, and have the ability to put the match behind you when the match is over, and move on to tackle the next task.



Jim B. Phelps

Jake Cecil is a great ambassador for the community of LaRue County and LaRue County Schools. Jake is a well-rounded individual with a variety of talents. In his senior class, Jake is ranked first with a 4.0. He fully understands the importance of being a student before an athlete. He has amassed many honors and opportunities through his educational performance. Jake is well respected among his peers and teachers at LaRue County High School, and he will without a doubt leave his mark as one of the school’s student success stories. On the cross country course, Jake is no different. Jake’s leadership abilities standout. He is dependable, never misses practice, always does what he is told, and endlessly works hard to get better. Often after practice, you can find Jake putting in another mile or another lap. Jake has an intrinsic desire to do well at whatever activity he participates in. It has been a great honor to coach Jake and watch him develop into the student, the athlete, but most of all the young man he is today.



Jackie Harley

Sophe Pepper is one of the most coachable young ladies I have had the good fortune to coach. She is motivated from deep within to do her best, not just academically and athletically, but in the big picture of life. She is a very well rounded young lady that I am so proud to have on my team. She lives her life according to her faith. She serves her family, church, community and team with a most giving and loving attitude. She models excellence in all she does, thus influencing those around her to do the same.