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Coed Varsity Track · SAUL MARIN IS ALL IN!

A common coach request by any sports team is for their players to be ‘ALL IN’.  These two words simply mean for everyone on the team to invest the time, energy and dedication to the success of the team.  For Junior Track member Saul Marin being ALL IN has become a habit for the last two seasons.

Marin participates on the boys track team in the 4×800 meter relay, 4×100 meter relay and the 4×400 meter relay, and the open 400 meters events.  According to Head Coach Jobie Hooper, “Saul has rarely finished out of the top 10 at each event over the last two seasons.”

Perhaps Marin’s greatest asset is his commitment to the sport where self-discipline and commitment are essential.  “It’s the greatest thing when one of your athletes gets what you are being coached,” said Hooper.  “I mean really gets it. For Example, one of the things I have coached over the years is if running is something you want to be good at, then you have to sleep, eat, and breathe it.  Saul has been doing that the last two seasons, and has become a great example to his teammates.”

Hooper noticed the dedication of Marin two years ago on a night before a home football game.  “So, imagine my surprise when I show up early to a football game to save on time and gas and I see Saul running repetitive 300 meter sprints on the track before the game.  Needless to say, I was highly impressed.  Then, later that year I saw him running 800’s before Christmas break.  I asked Saul what he was doing at this time of day.  His answer was ‘just putting in a little work before work coach’. 

Marin has been a multi-sport athlete for the last three years at LCHS playing soccer and track.  One of the things that is evident when watching Marin is his competitive spirit.  According to his Soccer Coach Jimmy Adams, “Saul is an aggressive player on the field.  He has good footwork and speed that benefits the team both offensively and defensively.  Saul is always willing to play and being involved in multiple sports he keeps himself well conditioned.  I can always count on him to give his best every time he steps on the field.”

Marin speaks highly of former track standout Randy Young for his dedication and leadership.  “Randy Young was such a good leader, and was able to push me to a new level.  He always expected the best out of me and nothing less.”

Young believes that Marin is a very talented athlete.  “He participates in soccer and track, and is very competitive in both.  He works to be the best he can be at all he does.  Saul is also quiet, but a firm leader.  He will encourage his teammates and pick up the slack when necessary.”

Hooper admits that Marin gets it.  “The answer came quickly at our first conditioning practice as he led every exercise from start to finish.  I thought to myself it’s a good start for him, as I waited for that let down of him not giving 100 %.  I’m still waiting because he has given 100% every day since. Matter of fact he has worked harder each day. Simply because he gets it. He has a goal and is working hard to reach it. I am happy to have the challenge of helping him reach his goal.”

As the track season continues Marin’s goal is to continue to get better through continuous hard work day in and day out.  Marin would like to qualify for state in each of his four events.

Marin has been a solid role model for all athletes at LCHS with a simply philosophy of being ALL IN.