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Famous author, salesman, and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar provided a quote that says “it’s your attitude, not your aptitude that will determine your altitude.”  For senior tennis player Alex Best has consistently maintained a positive attitude throughout his high school career on the court and in the classroom, as well.

Best will enter his senior tennis season as the #1 singles player for the LaRue County Hawks tennis team.  This is a completely different role for him as for the last four seasons he has been a part of the #1 doubles team.

Head Coach Terry Caven says, “Alex is our most experienced player and has the most success in the region tournament as a doubles player.  He is also our boys’ team captain, therefore we have very high expectations for him.  We know that his transition from doubles to singles will take time, but we believe that with the development of his singles game he can be competitive throughout our region.”

Best admits it will be an adjustment to transition to singles play.  “It will be a big adjustment that I will have to make, but I am excited about the challenge.”

Best will definitely have to use his strengths as a tennis player which includes:  speed, power and his ability to serve.  Instead of covering a portion of the tennis court he will now have to use the entire court during a match.

Caven says that the adjustment to singles will hopefully be a smooth one.  “Alex has always been one of our most athletic players, so his growth has been more about learning patience and consistency.  He has the ability to play aggressively (especially at the net) which comes from playing so much doubles the past few years, and his serve has a lot of power.  As a singles player he is still learning how to develop a point and play with patience and consistency.”

According to Caven, Best will be considered one of the top singles players in the region, and could possibly pose some problems for those not familiar with him in singles play.  “Alex has as much or possibly even more potential as anyone in the region.  His athleticism could allow him to be essentially a wall on the other side of the court that players cannot get the ball past.  His power could add depth to that consistent game by allowing him to also choose points in which to hit winners.  Realizing this potential in one season of singles is going to Alex’s real challenge.”

Even though it will be a challenge, Best has maintained a positive attitude through it all.  Head Coach Allison McDowell has always been impressed with Best’s attitude and willingness to do what is best for the team.  “Alex is a hard worker, and is very competitive.  He is our team captain this year, voted by his teammates, and is always willing to help others on the team whether they’re a veteran player or first timer. He loves the game and wants others to as well! Alex encourages everyone even the youngest players on the team.”

McDowell continues by saying, “We can always count on him to come early or stay after (if he doesn’t have to work) to help out the other players. He has been a leader for the past couple of years even though he only became captain this year. He’s playing singles this year, which is new for him, but he’s running with it. We have high hopes for him.  He’s planning to play at state as well.

Best has had a positive impact on the tennis program over the last five years.  Caven adds, Alex often displays the desire to compete and do his best which is something that cannot always be taught.  This allows the other players an example of what type of mindset we are looking for in terms of commitment to winning in our program.”

The genuine willingness to help people and make a small impact in people’s lives is important to Best.  When asked why his attitude is positive day in and day out, Best keeps it real simple.  “Honestly, I just try to stay in a good mood as much as possible.  Things are just easier if you’re happy.”

As one can imagine Best has developed many friendships with his genuine positive attitude.  Dalton Fay says “Alex is one of the best people I know.  He is dependable and no matter the circumstances he always has a smile on his face that brightens you day.”

Best has firm plans to attend the Air Force after graduation, therefore an excellent work ethic and attitude will ensure that he flies high in everything he pursues.