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The Class 2A region 2 meet will take place May 17th at Elizabethtown High School. Let’s take a look at the LaRue County Hawks Boys Track team who has the potential to make some noise at the Region event.

Over the past couple of years the LaRue County boys track team has always been on the outside looking in. But this year, according to Head Coach Jobie Hooper “if we have a strong performance we could have a top 5 finish.”

4 x 800: 9:12.36 is LaRue County’s best time of the season. Jake Cecil (11), Christian Silva (10), Saul Marin (10), Colon Thompson (10). Coach Hooper says, “All these guys have ran a split time of 2:05 so if we can put it all together we are looking at a time of 8:20, which would be a school record and setting ourselves up for a top 3 finish at regionals and a bid for the state track meet.”

100 meter hurdles: Jace Curl (10) 17:44; Nathan Helm (10) 17:54. Hooper says, “Both are in their first year of competition and have made tremendous strides in lowering their time from 25 second at the beginning of the year.”

100 meters: Marquis Franklin (12) 11.75; Kane Harris (10) 12.39. Both are late additions to the track team but have the potential to perform well at region meet.

4 x 200 meter relay: 1:36.13, Randy Young (12), Austin Parrish (12), Cameron Pellegrino (12) and Matthew Louis (8). Coach Hooper is seeking a top three finish at regional, and a bid for the state track meet.

1600 meter run: Jake Cecil (11) 5:12; Christian Silva (10) 5:25. Hooper says, “I am looking for a top 8 out of Jake and top 15 out of Silva at regional. Austin Hensley and Chance Martin have also been in competition in this event as well.

4 x 100 meter relay: 46:34 Randy Young (12), Austin Parrish (12), Cameron Pellegrino (12) and Marquis Franklin (12); Hooper says, “This relay has a strong chance of winning Regionals.”

400 meter: Austin Parrish (12) 53:30, Matthew Louis (8) 54.75. Hooper says, “We are looking for a top three finish from Parrish and a top 8 finish from Louis which will mean points out of both at regionals. Kaylem Murphy (10) has qualified for state in the unified athlete category in this event.

300 hurdles: Jace Curl (10) 47:24, Nathan Helm (10) 47:43. Hooper says, “Both of these individuals have improved their time from the beginning down from 56’s.

800 meter: Jake Cecil (11) 2:05, Saul Marin (10) 2:08. Hooper says, “Both are competitive but need to be around the 2:01 mark to be top 10 at Regions.”

200 meter: Randy Young (12) 23.24, Matthew Louis (8) 24.32. Hooper says “Randy could be our first regional champion in many years. There is some strong competition but he is rank number 2 in our region right now.”

3200 Meter: Austin Hensley (12) 13:12.34, Chance Martin (10) 13:20.33. “Both out for their first year of competition and both looking to set PR in this event,” Hooper says.

4 x 400 meter: Randy Young (12), Austin Parrish (12) Saul Marin (10) and Matthew Louis (8). Hooper says, “Another strong relay expected to do well at regional looking for a top 3 finish, and a bid for state.”

High Jump: Marquis Franklin 6′. Hooper says, “Again this is a place we have not been scoring points. But if he can get over 6’2″ we could see points in this event.”

Long Jump: Kane Harris (10) 18′ 7″, Clay Perry (8) 15′ 6″. Hooper admits, “If Kane gets a good jump we could score some points where we have not had any in the past few years.”

Triple Jump: Marquis Franklin 30’3″. Hooper says, “Another place if he jumps well could score points that we have not had.”

Shot Put: Norman Sanders (12), Zac Hornung (12). Hooper says, “Norman has been in the top 8 at every meet he has competed and I am looking for good things from him. Zac and Tuck Shelton (8) have both been consistent all season.

Discus: Norman Sanders (12) 120′, DaMarcus McCray (12) 110′. Hooper says, “If both stay consistent we could see a top 5 finish at regional. Either is capable of a great throw at any moment.”

Hooper concludes by saying that “the normal place for LaRue County over the past several years has been out of the top ten, but we have set a high goal to finish top five at the region meet. I like our chances, and believe we have the team that can accomplish it.”