Girls Varsity Competitive Cheer, Girls Varsity Competitive Cheer Winter · LCHS Cheer welcomes Danielle VanderMolen & Jennifer Thrasher

The LaRue County Cheer Program is transitioning into new leadership this spring. Danielle VanderMolen will oversee the LCHS Competitive Cheer Program while Jennifer Thrasher will assist.

The LCHS Cheer Program has had tremendous success over the last ten years and Head Coach VanderMolen is excited about the opportunity. “My hopes for LCHS cheerleading program would be to inspire and motive these young athletes into reaching their goals both present and future. I would love to see this team grow and if we happen to win a few awards that would be great as well. My first goal is to teach them sportsmanship and teamwork. After that I would want to help them reach their cheerleading goals, whether it would be for where they are now or into college”

Thrasher is also looking forward to the challenge. “I am so excited to be a part of LCHS cheer program. I look forward to putting together a team of amazing girls and watching them grow together as a team this year. Danielle and I are anxious to get to work on the improving the basics this summer, advancing their tumbling and growing the cheerleading program to be the best that they can be.”

VanderMolen has the experience necessary to make a smooth transition. Her first job was working with Heartland Gymnastics for five years, teaching students from ages 2 to 18 years old. She also worked with school teams and instructed gymnastic classes.

For the last three years VanderMolen has been coaching at Central Kentucky Athletics (CKA). “My first two years I coached a mini’s team that had kids ranging from 3-8 years of age. Many of these girls were just learning cheer for the first time. I am pleased to say that most of them are still cheering at CKA.”

“This past year I was pleased to coach a senior 2 team. They were awesome. The team had girls from both middle and high school. They had a great season. While I was there the mini’s team and senior 2 team went on to win several national champions, pink awards, spirit award, best choreography and the most recent was U.S. Finals. The senior 2 team was ranked #1 in the nation.”

VanderMolen admits there will be a few challenges for her as she makes the transition to High School Cheer. “Some challenges that I foresee will be myself adjusting to school cheer verse all-star cheer. I feel this will be an easy transition. Learning to schedule with other sports, which I feel will work itself out. I’m am easy to work with and understand the importance of having a full team at practice. Another would be making sure the team, parents and myself all use good communication.

Thrasher is just as eager to get started, but understands there will be slow process of transitioning. “Being new coaches, Danielle and I face a few challenges this year. Not only do we have to prove ourselves as good coaches but we have to gain the trust of each cheerleader and their parents. Every coach does things a little different and it will take some time for the girls to get used to our coaching style and for us to mesh as a team. While these challenges are somewhat daunting, we look forward to facing them and building an amazing team.”

Both VanderMolen and Thrasher have not wasted any time getting started as clinics and tryouts began last week. A full team should be in place by the end of the school year.